WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Candice Battiste with Power Coalition Equity and Justice said this year’s early voter turnout was record breaking.

“Every record has been shattered, I mean I don’t think there is anything left, any records left to break, which is really exciting,” Battiste said.

Battiste said they are expecting the same for election day, but they’ve also experienced issues concerning voter registration. That’s why volunteers with Power Coalition will be at the polls to help voters who are having problems getting their vote in.

“We have poll monitors who are going to be in all of these different locations throughout the state, they can speak to one of our poll monitors,” Battiste said.

There are also volunteers waiting by the phone, ready to help.

“If you don’t know where your polling location is or it looks like it may have changed or you get there and for whatever reason you are being told that you can’t vote and you know that you’re registered to vote. Please call 866-OUR-VOTE,” Battiste said.

If you are turned away or have an issue that can’t be dealt with immediately, officials encourage voters to stick around and vote provisionally.

“After the election period is over, the board of elections supervisors will go through those provisional ballots one by one, look at the facts of the issues, and then decide whether or not that vote should be counted. So they have a little more time on the back end to be able to look at that,” Battiste said.

Before you head to the polls, make sure you have your photo ID or some sort of identification that has your name, photo, and signature. The polls will be open until 8pm.