RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Ruston residents could soon secure their power supply during emergencies thanks to a new Louisiana Energy and Power Authority (LEPA) representation.

Ruston mayor Ronny Walker says residents will have the opportunity to vote on what could serve as an extension of their current energy system.

“It is really something we should have done years ago, but we never did. It would be beneficial to our city and to our entire state because just like we will call them for support, they will call us also.”

The proposition to reinforce the city’s power comes after Ruston experienced multiple power outages due to severe weather. 

“Like we had the tornado. We went out, literally nationally, and called people in. We had over 200 people to come in and help. But also, in today’s world, there is such a shortage of equipment, such as transformers.”

Currently, the city of Ruston has its own power distribution system. Mayor Walker says by localizing mutual aid with LEPA, and other 19 cities across the state, this could reinforce the city’s power and have access to more resources and materials. 

“We can not only swap out equipment, but they also do training for our people. So, it’s just a lot of new additional things we have because we are dealing with 19 other cities, and it makes it so much easier on us.”

If the proposition passes, Walker says there won’t be any additional charge on the electrical bill.

“I do support it. I think it’s a good idea,” Ruston resident Linda Lewis said.

“Absolutely, I think it’s a really positive move,” LIncoln Parish resident, Randy Moore


The proposition will be on the ballot on November 18.