JONESBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The election results are in for the November 8, 2022, elections. Jonesboro’s mayor, James Harris (IND. ), was elected. James Harris won the mayoral race against incumbent Leslie Thompson.

Harris told us about his campaign for mayor. “We basically ran a campaign saying that we would fight for Jonesboro.” And the campaign was based on their infrastructure—the roads, the water, and financial or fiscal oversight. So we know we have a few issues here and in Jonesborough, but they are all fixable. 

Harris will remain Chief of Police till the end of December. He told us his plans for when he takes office in January. “The immediate plan is definitely to get our financial affairs in order.” You know, get our bills paid. Get an audit done. Get to work with the Legislative Auditor to make sure that we’re going to stay in compliance. The long-term plan is definitely to fix the infrastructure, fix our water system, and bring more businesses to Jonesboro. And definitely do something or bring a business to town where you can have youth activities.”

Harris also spoke about what he feels is the most important aspect of being mayor. “We have to bring the town together, everyone working on the same page, working for the betterment of the town, getting people involved back into city affairs or town affairs, and just overall leadership and bringing us all back together.”