The SouthArk Stars Baseball Team celebrated its sophomore day today. The team, which includes 17 sophomores, won the regular-season championship yesterday, making them the top seed going into the Plains District Tournament in Enid, Oklahoma next week. The team had two more regular season games today versus SAU Tech. The Stars’ Head Coach Cannon Lester said that his strategy for these last two games was to explore the team’s depth going into the district tournament, as Lester says that the Stars might have to rely on it in the postseason. Should SouthArk win the Plains Tournament, they will advance to the national tournament. After two great games, the Stars came out on top after a clean sweep to end the regular season. The final scores were 13-7 for the first game, and 7-6 for the second. The SouthArk Stars now sits at 41-15 in Region 2: 29-7.