EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — On January 30, 2023, members of the El Dorado School District School Board and administration gathered to celebrate the District’s newly constructed 1.75 MW-AC solar array. According to officials of the El Dorado School District, the project will offset 88% of the District’s energy usage and expenses, saving the El Dorado School District over $128,000 annually in energy costs.

The El Dorado School District entered into a Solar Services Agreement with Entegrity, which is an energy efficiency and solar company headquartered in Little Rock, Ark. With the agreement, the District creates savings by purchasing renewable energy from Entegrity at a fixed price lower than their current electricity rate.

The solar energy produced by the new array will make an environmental impact with carbon reductions equivalent to saving 310,602 gallons of gasoline or powering 348 homes for a year. Students of the El Dorado School District will gain firsthand experience with the rapidly growing renewable energy industry, learning how solar energy positively impacts their everyday lives.

We are extremely excited to see this project come to life. Thanks to the School Board’s support, this project will bring our schools significant cost savings over its lifetime and allow us to divert funds to support our students and their learning environment.

Jim Tucker, Superintendent of El Dorado School District