Strong, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–The Arkansas Department of Transportation and Arkansas Highway Police will be assisting in the transportation of a 300-ton piece of equipment along state highways from Crossett to Gum Springs.

The equipment requiring transport is a kiln furnace imported from Italy weighing more than 600,000 pounds.

The travel began Wednesday from the Crossett Port to stop one in Strong. Many residents lined the surrounding area to watch the kiln travel through their town.

“There’s not a lot happening in Strong most of the time. It’s interesting and probably will never happen again. I’m not doing much so I might as well check it out. Technology is going to be an interesting deal because this trailer is supposed to be super long,” said Jimmy Newson.

“I was trying to get diesel for my truck and I saw all the people so I said I would sit here and wait. It brought a lot of people… I feel like they just trying to see them make this turn right here on 275 and that’s what I want to see too,” added Shaunduric Bean.

Its journey from Crossett to the Veolia Thermal Hazardous Waste Treatment Operation in Gum Springs will take six days. Officials with the Veolia Hazardous Waste Treatment Operation say it will be used to treat hazardous waste such as liquids.

Travel times will begin at 8 A.M. each weekday and at sunrise on the weekend. The transport will move no more than 5 to 20 miles per hour so drivers should expect major travel delays.

Below is the time frame that the equipment will move along the following route:

· Wednesday, May 10 (8 a.m.) – US-82 at Crossett Port to AR-275 in Strong

· Thursday, May 11 (8 a.m.) – US-63 to US-167 in El Dorado

· Friday, May 12 (8 a.m.) – US 167B to US-79 to Stephens

· Saturday, May 13 (Dawn) – Stephens to US-278 to Rosston

· Sunday, May 14 (Dawn) – US-278 to US-371 to 2nd Street in Prescott; AR-24 to AR-53 to Gurdon

· Monday, May 15 (8 a.m.) – AR-53 to US-67 to Gum Spring

Remain cautious of these travel times and locations as Mother’s Day weekend approaches.