You can now buy a bean bag onesie so you can sit wherever you go

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA. (WVLA) – (4/11/19) Walking to the kitchen straight from bed and still feel so tired you want to rest as you fully wake up?

With this onesie, you can just plop right on down and sit with ease. 


ThinkGeek has rolled out a fleece “Bean Bag Onesie” designed for those who want to stay seated wherever they go. 

In its main description online, it’s described as “All The Right Junk In The Trunk.”

Available in sizes S-3XL, the green onesie has a fluffy bean bag chair attached where your rear is for a built-in seat. 

Now when would this be actually useful, you ask? 

Say you’re waiting in that long lunch line for your sandwich.. plop! Take a seat and relax, catch up on some tweets. 

Or maybe you’re commuting on BART and can’t seem to find an available nook or cranny to squeeze into. Plop! Automatic seating at your own control. 

This type of comfort doesn’t come cheap. One Bean Bag Onesie will set you back $89.99. 

But can you really put a price on comfort? 

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