Man says he was holding hash brown when cited for driving while using cellphone

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(2/27/19) NORWALK, CT. (WTNH) – Was it a cellphone, or a hash brown?

A trial in Connecticut is trying to figure out that very question.

Jason Stiber was cited last April during a traffic stop for driving while using a cellphone.

He said he stopped at McDonald’s to get a hash brown and ate it on the way to work.

The officer testified he saw Stiber holding a cellphone with the screen illuminated while his mouth was moving.

“It’s our position there was no violation. He made a mistake. He’s human. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, and cops make mistakes,” said defense attorney John Thygerson.

So far, Stiber has spent around a thousand in legal fees fighting a ticket that carries a $300 fine.

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