Mobile homes are not the safest place to take shelter during severe weather, especially a tornado or hurricane. Both FEMA and NOAA recommend that mobile home residents relocate to a sturdier shelter during a severe weather event. According to the National Weather Service, you are 15-20 percent more likely to be killed while taking shelter in a mobile home than in a sturdy structure. It doesn’t matter how well built the home is, foundation and anchoring systems are the primary failures cause of fatalities. It won’t matter how well the home is built if even the best can be destroyed by going airborne.

If you are residing in a mobile home, please locate your safe space as soon as you can. It can be a neighbors house, a shelter, church, arenas, industrial buildings, or anywhere that is a safe and sturdy structure. Doing this now will allow you to know how long it will take to reach that designated area if needed. During weather events, keep tuned in to your local news station and up to date on all National Weather Service watches and warnings.

Some advice from the National Weather Service: