Wild Weather Whiplash: a recap of 2020’s wild weather in the ArkLaMiss


(KTVE/KARD) 2020 brought everything from winter weather to heat, to multiple tropical systems and severe weather every month of the year. We’re going to break down the wildest weather moments in the ArkLaMiss in 2020.

We started off 2020 with a moderate risk of severe weather that ended up resulting in a widespread damaging wind event for the ArkLaMiss. Closer to the end of the month, western parts of the ArkLaMiss saw a wintry mix of sleet and snow.

More severe weather continued throughout February, with multiple severe weather events occurring. This month was also plagued by heavy rain amounts which resulted in times of flooding.

More of the same was saw in March, with more severe weather events occurring. This month saw less in the way of heavy rainfall.

April was one to remember. this month offered two moderate risk events within a week of each other; one of which produced a tornado outbreak for the ArkLaMiss. Easter Sunday this year brought a tornado to the twin cities, leaving behind a swath of damage but thankfully no lives lost.

More severe weather events carried into the month of May, though it did start to quiet down during the second half of the month.

We were introduced to our first tropical system in June. Cristóbal brought times of heavy rain and breezy conditions. We also saw some severe weather, and heat was starting to build in.

July offered some severe weather events, but it was mainly marked by very hot and humid temperatures. We saw excessive heat warnings out of it.

August was another red letter month for the ArkLaMiss. While the month started off with some severe storms, we quickly went through Louisiana’s strongest hurricane on record. This resulted in seeing Category 2 strength winds in parts of the ArkLaMiss, with hurricane conditions lasting through much of Louisiana and tropical storm force conditions in southern Arkansas. This storm caused extensive damage and power outages.

September was one of our more quiet months, but we did see a heavy rain event as the remains of Beta moved through, producing areas of flooding.

October quickly ramped back up, as we saw our next significant tropical system move in. While delta was not as powerful as Laura, it still brought damage and power outages to the ArkLaMiss. Then strong cold fronts moved in, bringing chilly temperatures in.

November and December have been riddled with cold fronts. They have brought times of heavy rain and severe weather, as well as freezing temperatures during the night.

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