Weekend Weather: Saturday, November 9th


WEST MONROE, LA (11/09/19) Good Saturday to you! Hopefully your day was wonderful despite the very cold start we had to the morning. Lows were in the lower 30’s this morning under clear skies.

Once the sun came up we warmed up very quickly due to the amount of sunshine around, in addition to drier air. Highs warmed nicely into the lower 60’s today, so if you were in the sun, it felt wonderful! There was still a chill in the air in the shade.

Tonight it is going to be yet another chilly one but it wont be as chilly as what we’ve seen over the last few nights. Lows will drop into the upper 30’s under clear skies.

Expect more of the same tomorrow as we’ll warm up quickly once the sun comes out. Highs will get into the lower 70’s so it’ll be a beautiful way to end the weekend. We will see some clouds filtering in later towards the day but enjoy the nice weather while it’s here because things are going to be changing.

We will start to see the changes for Veterans Day as our cold front works through. We will see on and off showers through the day. Instability looks too low to see storms, so this is looking more like a soaking rain.

It looks like all of the precipitation will end before the much colder air moves in. However, there could be some very isolated pockets of wintry precipitation in our northernmost counties in southern Arkansas.

One for sure though is going to be the abnormally cold air that spills in behind this front for Tuesday. Highs will struggle to hit the lower 40’s during the day with a hard freeze for everyone Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Lows are expected to drop into the middle 20’s. Keep in mid it is going to blustery and more like January as opposed to November.

The good news is this cold doesn’t stick around for very long. We will see recovery through the remainder of the week into the weekend, as highs will go from the 40’s to the 60’s by next weekend. There will be some clouds from time to time but it looks like Monday will be the only day we will see precipitation.

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