WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Another beautiful day in the ArkLaMiss, although a bit warm for my taste.

Tonight temperatures are going to drop to the lower 70s, which is a tad warmer than what we’ve previously experienced this week. A slight increase in in moisture is to blame, but we can also thank it for the small amount of cloud cover that occurred in the afternoon hours earlier. It is expected to be a mostly clear, and dare I say quiet, night.

Tomorrow, temperatures are starting to make the gradual increase into the 90s, we should stick around in the lower 90s. Regardless, it’ll be warm and humid, make sure you, your pets, and your plants are staying hydrated. Although most of the day should stay relatively clear, clouds development is expected to occur, mostly during the peak daytime heating hours of the day, from 2pm-4pm.

Much of the same story for the next seven days, each day getting slightly warmer than the last. Rain chances are slim to non for the next week, there may be the slightest chance of rain on next Sunday, but that’s a bit too far out to be for certain. Scattered clouds could develop as each day progresses, but they should clear out after sunset, when daytime heating ceases.

Stay cool, stay hydrated, stay heat safety aware this week! – Alex