WEST MONROE, La. — (1/5/2023) A multi-day severe weather event unfolded across much of the central and southern United States through the first few days of 2023. In the ArkLaMiss, this included several severe storms that spawned tornadoes through the day on January 2. The tornadoes listed below are in approximate chronological order. Here’s a recap of the confirmed tornadoes from that event:

TORNADO 1 (Union County) | Approx. 11:47am, CT

“This tornado touched down near Murphy Loop and Shady Grove Road, tracking northeast for 0.25 miles with a path width of 350 yards. Maximum winds were approximately 105 mph. The tornado uprooted and snapped several hardwood and softwood trees and caused minor damage to nearby structures. The tornado caused 0 injuries and 0 fatalities.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Shreveport]

TORNADO 2 (Jackson Parish) | Approx. 4:46pm, CT

“A NWS storm survey team determined that storm damage in Jackson Parish was consistent with that of an EF2 tornado. The tornado snapped and uprooted numerous trees along its path and damaged several structures. Path width was 1928 yards and path length was 15.15 miles. Estimated peak wind was 122 mph.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Shreveport]

TORNADO 3 (Union Parish) | Approx. 6:19pm, CT

“This roughly 4 mile long tornado affected mainly rural portions of eastern Union Parish, with a max width of 900 yards and a peak wind speed of 130 mph. Most of the damage was limited to uprooted and snapped hardwood and softwood trees, although some structures were damaged in the vicinity of downed trees. A few large electrical transmission towers warranted an EF-2 rating, although a majority of the rest of the damage was only rated at EF-1 or less.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Shreveport]

TORNADO 4 (Ashley, Chicot counties) | Approx. 6:55pm, CT

“An EF-2 tornado began near the intersection of Ashley 333 Road and Camp Road west of the Overflow National Wildlife Refuge in southern Ashley County. As it moved northeast, the tornado uprooted, snapped, or damaged trees along its path. It crossed over several highways, county roads, and low-lying areas through the county until it reached Montrose near the intersection of US Highway 82 and 165.

There the tornado intensified to its maximum intensity of EF-2 with estimated peak winds of 120 mph. Along US 82 near 9th Street, a small guest home on concrete blocks was pushed off its foundation and destroyed. A nearby mobile home was rolled across three parked cars which were also destroyed. Several sheds and outbuildings were destroyed in the immediate vicinity as well. Widespread damage was common in the western part of town where many homes suffered minor to moderate roof damage. Several trees were uprooted or snapped along with continued minor to moderate residential damage as the tornado moved northeast and across northern Montrose. It crossed US 165 North of Montrose where an outbuilding was destroyed.

As the tornado moved into farmland northeast of town, a center pivot irrigation system was destroyed. It continued northeast into Chicot County and across the intersection of Arkansas Highways 144 and 293 where a home and several buildings lost roofing and paneling, and some power poles were blown down. The tornado crossed US Highway 65 and Cedar Road near the Bellaire community in northern Chicot County, blew down a few power poles and damaged a few trees, and then dissipated near the Desha County line. The total path length was 40.3 miles with a maximum width of 1300 yards. The estimated peak winds were 120 mph.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Jackson]

TORNADO 5 (Morehouse Parish) Approx. 6:36pm, CT

“An EF-1 Tornado touched down along Wardville Road on the east side of Bussey Brake and moved northeast across Louisiana Highway 593 Bonner Ferry Road, where some trees were snapped. The tornado quickly dissipated after crossing the road. The total path length was 1.4 miles with a maximum width of 75 yards. The estimated peak winds were 90 mph.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Jackson]

TORNADO 6 (Morehouse Parish) Approx. 6:40pm, CT

“An EF-1 tornado began on Twin Ham Road where it produced some damage to pine trees and moved northeastwards toward US Highway 425. As the tornado crossed the highway, it produced additional tree damage and damaged a gas production facility along Texas Gas Road. This damage combined with additional tree damage, suggests that the tornado reached maximum intensity in this area with estimated winds of 100 mph. The tornado continued to track northeastward and caused damage to mixed forest. As the tornado moved along Cain Rd, some farm out buildings were damaged with primarily tin peeling noted on the roofs. As the tornado paralleled the roadway, a few residences also suffered damage to tin and shingled roofs. The tornado dissipated near the intersection of Cain Rd and Gum Springs Rd where a few large branches were downed.” [Survey details provided by the National Weather Service in Jackson]