Here is a breakdown of the weather for the next 7 days:


Temperatures start to trend upwards as an area of high pressure starts to build in from the west. Most can expect to see high temperatures in the mid to high 90’s, falling back down to the mid to high 70’s later that evening. Rain chances are on the slim side, with only a 10% chance as of now, afternoon daytime heating and ample moisture from the gulf gives us a chance for an isolated shower or two.


It’ll be a bit warmer today than it was on Monday, the ridge of high pressure still pushing in from the west. But, thanks to the southerly flow from the gulf and the abundance of daytime heating that will help generate some showers, thunderstorms aren’t out of the picture either. The chance of rain is currently 20%. Once the sun goes down, taking all the energy that storms need to thrive with it, rain should diminish rather quickly.


The warming trend continues, prepare for another hot day, with rain chances not looking very great, only 10%. Without the rain, any possibility of rain cooled air to help with the heat goes away. The very slight chance for an isolated shower comes, again, from daytime heating and gulf moisture.


If you were planning to do any yardwork or outdoor activity, I would do it either on Monday or Wednesday. Today has the best chance of rain out of the whole week, currently at a 30% chance. With the possibility of showers and storms, temperatures start to lessen thanks to rain cooled air. It’ll still be hot mind you, temperatures are expected to reach the mid 90’s, just not as warm as previous days. The chance for showers and storms comes from an easterly wave that looks to be developing along the gulf coast introducing a lot of moisture into the atmosphere.


Rain chances start to diminish, with a small 10% chance for isolated showers in the afternoon hours when daytime heating ramps up. The good news is that thanks to all the rain yesterday, temperatures will be a bit more bearable than they were previously this week. High temps reaching the mid 90’s, but not going much higher than that, cooling down later in the evening to the mid 70’s.


Clearing skies make way for a beautiful start to your weekend, perfect for any outdoor activities you may have planned. Be prepared for a fairly warm day, temperatures start climbing back up into the upper 90’s. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and wear sunscreen.


The last and hottest day of the week has arrived, temperatures are going to sit in the upper 90’s, especially in the afternoon hours. Only then falling into the upper 70’s that evening. Rain chances look slim to none at this time, but things could change. If you’re planning to be outside, be precautious and remember your heat safety.