WEATHER UPDATE: Significant Severe Weather Remains Possible Saturday Afternoon/Evening


WEST MONROE, LA (4/13/19)

12 PM UPDATE: Showers and thunderstorms are widespread north of the warm front. These will continue to lift northward and carry a hail and damaging wind threat. 

We’re watching the warm front as it continues to lift northward; the atmosphere will become increasingly more volatile. Sunshine is fueling instability to our south. Watching numerous Tornado Warnings to our west in east Texas, and that is heading in our general direction. Significant severe weather potential is increasing, and we should start to see robust thunderstorms in the next couple hours.

Make sure you’re staying weather aware. Do not let current storms give you a false set of security. They are overorking a completely separate atmosphere. Now is the time to be closely paying attention to updates.


Good Saturday morning! We’ve started off the day with a few severe thunderstorms in our area, with hail, heavy rain and lots of lightning being reported as the warm front has lifted northward. 

Activity is beginning to wind down, at least for a brief moment. As we start getting closer towards the afternoon, the atmopshere will conitnue to destabalize, and more severe thunderstorms will develop. While storms have taken some instability out of the atmopshere across northern sections of the ArkLaMiss, a highly unstable airmaiss remains to the south. This will move northwards through the day and eventually will reset severe parameters for later in the day.

Today remains a dangeorus severe weather day. A Moderate (4/5) risk remains for much of the ArkLaMiss, with large hail, damaging straight-line winds and tornadoes, some of which could be strong and long lived.

Storms will redevelop once again after noon, continuing to increase in coverage and intensity trhoughout the afternoon. 2PM-8PM looks to be the window for the strongest storm activity, and the most likely timeframe for tornadoes. The ArkLaMiss should be clear of severe weather by midnight.

One interesting tidbit to note is that short range models have slightly backed off on coverage of severe storms. With that being said, it is an ever so slight decrease; many thunderstorms are still expected to develop. This is not an excuse to let your guard down, as observations from this morning still suggest widespread severe weather.This trend will be monitored closely.

Make sure you and your are staying weather aware through the course of the day. If you haven’t downloaded our KTVE/KARD Weather app, now is the time to do so. We will post periodic updates throughout the day

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