Our first episode is a simple “hello” to the platform, letting folks know what to expect from this podcast, some quick ground rules, and a background of who we are as meteorologists.
2:33 – Who we are and where we’re from
6:20 – A running list of our “rules” (there are only two of them)
8:05 – Possible future subjects of the podcast
9:40 – A tease to changes coming to MyArkLaMiss.com
Episode 2 takes listeners through the new ArkLaMiss Weather Extra page on MyArkLaMiss.com. Jarod and Walker discuss the thought process behind creating the page, and what you can find. Jarod and Walker also discuss what they would be doing if meteorology didn’t exist. Everyone has to have a back up plan, right?
2:50 – Planning a new website
3:45 – The frustrations of social media
9:20 – Exploring “Extra”
11:30 – Introducing “Ag Central”
17:45 – What is “Mark the ArkLaMiss”?
25:00 – What would you be doing without weather?
26:40 – Walker was a swimmer, and a pretty good one
28:45 – Walker and Jarod were almost quitters… almost
29:45 – Some meteorologists are jerks
33:15 – Working in Alaska
In Episode 3, Walker and Jarod discuss (by listener request) the educational journey to becoming a meteorologist. Yes, it involves math and physics and chemistry… no big surprises there. And, as broadcast meteorologists, nerves are something that everyone has to combat. How comfortable do Jarod and Walker feel on television?
2:30 – Learning about colleges in New York
6:00 – The path to a degree in atmospheric sciences/meteorology
13:10 – Breaking university equipment (on accident)
16:50 – Jarod and Walker’s scholastic struggles
19:35 – A message to all college students
23:15 – Discussing comfort on-air
26:45 – Stages of a broadcast career
27:30 – Ryan Seacrest is legit
28:10 – Crutch phrases
30:25 – Hating your own voice
33:15 – Potty-mouth problems
In Episode 4, Walker and Jarod discuss the science and typical methods behind building a weather forecast… from computer modeling to upper-air observations. They also discuss the ever-present role of human forecasters. In the second segment, the two discuss the differences between handling winter weather in the South versus the Northeast.
2:00 – Where to start a weather forecast?
3:05 – Computer forecast modeling
5:00 – Different types of computer models
9:00 – When to use certain model guidance
10:15 – Weather happens above ground, too
12:55 – Upper-air observations (a.k.a. weather balloons)
15:55 – Weather forecasting just keeps getting better
16:55 – Forecasting extreme weather events
21:40 – No magic pill for winter weather
23:25 – De-icing the ArkLaMiss
25:20 – How the Northeast preps for winter weather
26:25 – College Walker had to shovel his own snow
27:00 – Shoutout to roommates named Grady
27:50 – Sliding over Bayou DeSiard
29:20 – Biscuits and gravy
Episode 5 ends the Pilot Pack, and starts off discussing how the weather team works with three different National Weather Service Forecast Offices to relay breaking weather information to you. Also, online sportsbooks are now legal in Louisiana. Jarod and Walker discuss the hypothetical wagers of a “weatherbook”.
3:25 – County warning areas and television markets
4:20 – There are 122 National Weather Service offices… 
5:00 – How television markets split Arkansas
5:45 – How NWS offices split Arkansas
8:05 – Working with SEVEN NWS offices
9:15 – Meteorologists don’t always agree
11:15 – Warning/advisory criteria varies
15:20 – Watches have to end somewhere
21:30 – The ultimate goal of severe weather coverage
24:00 – Sportsbook ads in your sleep
25:15 – Walker’s Weather Wagers
26:50 – Overnight low curling
32:15 – Jarod’s Weather Bets
36:55 – “Rain in the winter is like your birthday…”