In this episode, Jarod sits down with one of his best friends, Phillip Smith. Phil is a former active duty officer in the U.S. Navy, and now lives near Philadelphia with his wife and kids. The two discuss his many stops during his service, their appreciation of golf, with some other nonsense mixed in.
1:00 – Phil’s background
2:15 – U.S.S. New York
6:50 – Making the move to becoming a weather officer
7:45 – Anti-submarine warfare
8:45 – Offutt Air Force Base
9:20 – Getting married on base
10:45 – Moving to Monterey
11:30 – Living in Philly, cheesesteaks
14:25 – Learning the game of golf
16:15 – Remembering the former Selman Field Golf Course (Monroe, Louisiana)
17:10 – Weather forecasting for “national assets”
19:30 – Nuclear fallout prediction
21:30 – Using the same information in different ways for the same goal
High pressure and summer usually mean oppressive heat and humidity in the southern United States. So far, 2022 is no different than any other year. Jarod and Walker discuss the science behind summer heat, and compare it to an especially brutal summer from just over a decade ago. After that, we all have a TV show (or two) that we know an embarrassing amount from. They’ll discuss theirs, but what’s yours?
0:40 – “Heat domes” are normal
2:15 – Counting the records of June 2011
3:10 – Summer heat’s usual suspects
4:00 – Humidity just makes things worse
5:20 – The most extreme temperatures experienced
6:00 – That time the air conditioner died in the studio…
6:45 – Some records are a little sketchy
7:50 – Relative humidity bad, dew point temperature good
10:10 – Accidentally altering the climate of your home
11:30 – Walker’s most quotable television show
12:10 – Walker’s Spongebob ally
13:45 – Jarod is obsessed with The Office
15:40 – Learning the state capitals for no reason
16:20 – Honorable mention TV shows
17:30 – Quotable movies
18:15 – Remembering Gilbert Gottfried with a horrible impression