In one of the more difficult episodes to record, Jarod and Walker explain ways that you (the consumer) can better consumer weather information. They talk about their main goals when delivering weather information, even some of their pet peeves from viewers. Later, one of the common questions asked by anyone who works in the television: What do you do during commercial breaks? Well, it depends. Take a listen!
1:00 – We’re not trying to sound like jerks
1:55 – Know where you live
3:55 – We are the only ones running our social media accounts
8:20 – We can’t answer your specific questions
9:50 – Every storm will be covered, but not every storm is created equal
10:17 – Cut-ins are for everyone or no one
12:20 – Advanced notice is the whole point of severe weather coverage
13:35 – Some questions can’t be answered
14:15 – “How bad is it gonna get in ______?”
15:30 – Forecasts are all about possibilities
16:55 – Most severe threats are quite conditional for any one area
17:20 – “When is it going to hit my house?”
18:10 – We are as specific as we can be
19:55 – Read the information
22:20 – Again, we’re not trying to sound like jerks
22:35 – We take pride in our work
24:25 – Stay up to date with the forecast
26:00 – Forecasts are designed to change
32:20 – We don’t mean anything personally
35:40 – The anatomy of a commercial break
38:25 – There is downtime in a show
39:20 – Extraneous conversations happen, but it depends on the day
42:40 – Shows aren’t always perfect
43:35 – Tense times happen
46:00 – Hitting your groove for the week