Jarod and Walker discuss working a major severe weather outbreak while in the midst of a studio demolition and remodel. Also, the adrenaline and fast pace of severe weather coverage can leave them both feeling puny afterward. Aaaaaaand, yes… it’s been one year since Jarod lost his cool on the ArkLaMiss, scolding viewers who were calling the station as they cut into “The Masked Singer” for tornado warning coverage. Both he and Walker discuss the event.
1:50 – A brief background on NWS storm surveys
2:40 – If you have tornado evidence, send it to the NWS
3:35 – EF-Unknown tornadoes
5:10 – Our station is getting a new news set/studio
5:40 – The limitations of a temporary set
6:55 – A brief pat on the back for the meteorology community
7:40 – NWS works through their own limitations, too
10:00 – Just watch someone and be informed
11:15 – Comfort levels in the temporary studio
13:06 – Sweating during severe weather
13:40 – Coming down from severe weather adrenaline
16:10 – Respectable fear of Mother Nature, “perfect sleeping weather”
18:00 – 25-year-old Jarod vs. 35-year-old Jarod
18:35 – Batteries do die sometimes
19:15 – Tornado Whack-a-mole
20:45 – Timing makes a big difference
22:20 – We’ve seen them before, and we’ll see them again
25:00 – Making it to r/PublicFreakout
25:22 – “The Rant”
27:05 – Wasted time
28:30 – Don’t call the weather center during severe weather
29:25 – People hate to miss Primetime, some people don’t want to stream
30:15 – Live sports make us nervous
30:25 – “We don’t wanna do this”
31:05 – FCC requires the delivery of life-saving information
32:00 – “Dad-ing” the ArkLaMiss
34:50 – Our viewers are awesome!
35:50 – Would you do it again?
36:30 – Dateline viewers will turn you into Dateline episode if you cut into Dateline
38:00 – Lotta memes
40:40 – The viewers will swoop in!
41:20 – Our society is very short-term memory-based
42:20 – Brian’s reaction
43:18 – Walker says something in French
It’s been a busy several weeks. Scheduling changes, severe weather, and a studio remodel have kept Walker and Jarod busy… but, they’ll catch you up on some of the new items in their newscasts. They also briefly discuss the new Doctor Strange movie (no spoilers given), before deep-diving into their ideal movie snacks. Season 2 is off and running!
1:00 – The news/weather/sports teams have a new set!
3:40 – Working together more within newscasts
4:20 – New additions coming to MyArkLaMiss.com/extra
9:20 – Recapping the severe weather season
12:50 – Jarod, Walker see the new Doctor Strange movie (again, no spoilers)
13:30 – Official movie ratings (out of 10) for Doctor Strange
15:20 – Popcorn deserves its own category
16:40 – Nachos are not an ideal movie snack
17:00 – Sneaking cereal into a movie theater
21:00 – Walker needs his Icee
21:50 – Who doesn’t snack at a movie theater?
23:10 – Jarod’s sweet snacks
24:30 – Approaching candy burnout
25:00 – The diet of a middle schooler
26:45 – Kit-Kats should just taste like Kit-Kats
The 2022 Spring Severe Weather Season produced numerous, violent tornadoes across the central and southern United States. However, it’s one violent tornado that *didn’t* happen that’s received a lot of attention over the past several weeks. Walker and Jarod discuss erroneous storm damage reports, Tornado Emergencies, and the verbiage they prefer to use on air when discussing tornadoes. After that, who doesn’t love a good dipping sauce? (Walker, apparently.) The two dive into a dipping sauce/condiment discussion that goes from ketchup to cream cheese.
1:30 – What is a Tornado Emergency?
2:30 – Erroneous report prompts a Tornado Emergency
4:00 – False reports happen, and most aren’t intentional
5:20 – Reviewing the Swartz (Ouachita Parish) tornado
7:00 – Tornadoes: Possible, apparent, confirmed
10:20 – Straight-line winds vs. tornado
13:00 – Even meteorologists make mistakes
13:30 – Need. More. Radars.
14:50 – Shortening tornado warnings
19:10 – Ketchup: The Crutch Condiment
21:00 – Walker despises ranch dressing
21:50 – Walker’s love affair with Cane’s and/or Zaxby’s sauces continues
22:55 – A salute to honey mustard
25:10 – Mayo, Miracle Whip, and the like
26:00 – Walker *gasp* hates sour cream
27:05 – Is barbecue sauce underrated?
28:15 – A less than flattering discussion on relish
28:45 – Teriyaki for Mr. Snowden
29:20 – Sweet and sour sauce
30:05 – Using/not using steak sauce
30:55 – Other assorted condiments
34:00 – Hot sauces!