WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The peak of Hurricane Season is in t-minus four days, let’s discuss what the tropics are up to currently.

Overall activity:

There are currently two Hurricanes, Danielle and Earl, and also two tropical waves. Disturbance 1 is the orange shaded area and Disturbance 2 is the yellow shaded area. We’ll discuss each one in greater detail below.

Hurricane Danielle:

cone graphic
Hurricane Danielle has barely kept the wind speed necessary to be a Hurricane. Currently, the maximum sustained wind speed is 75 mph, and the minimum speed is 74 mph. It has a low pressure of 986 Mb and is moving very slowly to the East-Northeast.

This storm is very, very far out into the Atlantic Basin and poses no threat to us.

Hurricane Earl:

cone graphic
Hurricane Earl might make an attempt to be the first Major Hurricane of the season, that’s category 3 and higher. At this moment, it has sustained maximum wind speeds of 80 mph and low pressure of 985 mb. It’s also taking its time moving through the Atlantic, moving at only 6 mph to the North.

This storm is also pretty fishy (staying out to sea), like Hurricane Danielle, it poses no threat to our area.

Disturbance 1:

There is a 50% chance of cyclone formation in the next 2 days (48 hours), and a 60% chance for it to develop within the next 5 days. This broad low-pressure area of disorganized storms is moving West-Northwest at around 15-20 mph.

There is no need to worry, upper-level winds are forecasted to become less conducive for development later this week.

Disturbance 2:

This last Tropical Wave should make its way off the coast of Africa in the next day or two. Currently, it has a 0% chance of developing in the next two days and a low 20% over the next 5 days. Environmental conditions are generally favorable for conducive for a very slow development as it heads West-Northwest over the Atlantic Basin.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date if anything changes – Alex