For today’s forecast, should be a relatively clear day with plenty of sunshine now that high pressure is settling into the region. Daytime highs are expected to reach the upper 60s along with a light breeze.

Tonight, overnight lows fall to the lower end of the 50s, and clouds begin to increase overnight into tomorrow. Things should stay mild and quiet.

Severe Weather For Tuesday Breakdown:

The Storm Prediction Center has placed a Moderate Risk (level 4 out of 5) for portions of the northeast #ArkLaMiss which is pretty rare for late November. Even if you are not in the Moderate, most of the area resides in an Enhanced Risk (level 3 out of 5) or a Slight Risk (level 2 out of 5). So, the potential to see some sort of severe weather for the entire #ArkLaMiss is absolutely not zero.

WHAT ARE THE THREATS? : Realistically, all severe weather hazards. That includes hail (quarter or 1” sized), damaging straight-line winds (up to 70+ mph), and yes tornadoes. The tornado threat at this time is medium, which means there could be a few strong tornadoes (EF2 or higher). WHAT TIME? : The peak daytime heating hours of the day, so from 2 pm-4 pm is when things will start taking off, but activity could start as early as noon and last until very early Wednesday morning.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO PREPARE: Make sure you have your alerts on your phone turned on, or have at least some way to receive watch/warning notifications. Locate your safe space, that should be the most interior room of your home/building without any windows. DO THIS TODAY, if you wait until the warning is already issued then the few minutes of lead time you have will be wasted.

As always Walker and I will keep you updated as more information comes out.