West Monroe, LA – (01/26/22)

A cooler day with a dry air mass moving in last night. Dewpoints dropped from near 30 degrees to the teens and single digits in some locations. High temperatures were mostly constrained to the 40s region wide, with areas closer to 50 further south.

Dry air stays put overnight, allowing for low temperatures in the mid and upper 20s. Cloud cover moves in through the overnight as well, which could keep temperatures a degree or two above the forecast.

As the sun rises, cloud cover will slowly dissipate into the mid afternoon and then slowly increase into the evening. Clouds to start and end the day tomorrow. High temperatures will be warmer tomorrow afternoon with highs in the mid 50s.

After a weak front passes into Friday, it will allow for cooler temperatures overnight from Friday into Saturday. High temperatures will warm through the latter half of the weekend and through the first part of next week. High temperatures are expected to be several degrees above average and into the mid 60s and upper 60s

Behind the warmer conditions for the first of next week, a storm system approaches and is expected to bring precipitation and cooler temperatures for the second half of the week.