WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) – Multiple changes are in store weather wise throughout the duration of this week. Plenty of sunshine will be present across the region alongside warming temperatures for a string of days. The best weather news pertains to our rain chances.

Calm conditions continue around the viewing area, a trend that looks to be setting up this week for the majority of daytime hours. Cloud cover has remained in the mostly clear to clear range throughout Monday afternoon; and the addition of satellite imagery has shown skies to be decently clear here at home and for a chunk of the region as well.

The cold front which moved through late Friday into Saturday morning has given us a few days of relatively cooler temperatures. Relative is certainly the key word, as temperatures are hovering around the mid 80s for daytime highs. Monday will be our coolest day of the week as a lengthy warming trend begins. The warming trend isn’t only in our viewing area covers a large section of the southern states as well. Some areas further to the south and along the coastal regions have already begun pushing into the upper 80s and lower 90s again for daytime highs.

Tonight forecast: If you have any outdoor plans this evening, you’ll be quite pleased with atmospheric conditions tonight. Overnight lows will drop down into the low to mid 60s… With the addition of more stable and calm conditions.

Tomorrow forecast: Tomorrow we’ll find ourselves under partly cloudy skies with slightly warmer temperatures in the upper 80s. At this point in the year it’s difficult to put rain chances at completely zero, but they will remain below 10 percent Tuesday afternoon.

7-day forecast: Those of you who have been begging for summer like temperatures and weather patterns, this week may kick off some of that summer time nostalgia. Temperatures will continue to push the upper 80s and lower 90s throughout the workweek alongside partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Rain chances should stay below 10 percent for most of the week long period. Memorial day weekend will bring another temperature increase. Possibly the mid 90s for daytime highs. Enjoy the summer like feeling this week.

As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. Be nice to each other.

Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen