WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) – Friday afternoon was yet another sunny and hot day for the region and the ArkLaMiss. As the weekend is right around the corner, a small gift from Mother Nature looks to be in the cards.

Today was another day with minimal rainfall through the early to mid afternoon in the ArkLaMiss and we’re certainly thankful for it here in the weather department. Showers and storms are now visible to the northwest as our next weather maker is tracking into late tonight and early Saturday morning. Satellite imagery will show an increase in cloud cover through the late afternoon and early evening; as our whole weather pattern will begin the process of shifting. Though a shift is in the cards, it may actually work out in our favor. Temperatures were warmer today, with most areas in the mid to upper 80s; and others hovering around 90 degrees. A slight relief from hot temperatures is on the way into the weekend and early next week.

Tonight Forecast: Temperatures tonight won’t be the main focus but they will bottom out in the lower 70s for overnight lows. Our second cold front of the week arrives late tonight with the potential for isolated severe development.

Tomorrow Forecast: After a stormy morning, rain and cloud cover should both begin loosening their grip over the area after the midday time frame. Since the weather maker during the early hours is a cold front…. Expect slight temperature relief over the next few days.

7-Day Forecast: the best news included in the 7 day forecast is cooler temperatures over the next few days. Though the relief may only be a few degrees… When we’ve been feeling temperatures hovering around 90 degrees… It’s certainly welcomed with open arms.

As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. Be nice to each other.

Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen