West Monroe, LA – (1/14/22)

Temperatures this evening staying a bit warmer than previous nights with a low in the 50s for our more south parishes. As usual, the southern counties of Arkansas are going to be a bit cooler, temperatures should fall into the low 40s.

A completely different story on tomorrow, a very dynamic winter storm that is going to impact much of the central and eastern United States could also impact the ArkLaMiss. The front passing tomorrow is going to bring in some much-needed showers but, with that, comes much cooler air. Any lingering precipitation could transition to light snow in some locations, especially in southeast Arkansas, we will continue to monitor and update regularly.

Expected Precipitation Types: When the front passes, earlier in the day Saturday, temperatures will begin in the 50s. The expected scattered showers that are associated with the front should still be rain. It won’t be until the upper-level system deepens and starts to make its way out that the leftover moisture atop the cooling air mass will make the transition to rain/snow. This could impact areas as far south as the I-20 corridor. This transition will likely happen a little faster for southern Arkansas, during Saturday evening. Keep in mind, the specific timings for rain-to-snow transition will very much depend on how quickly temperatures drop.

Possible Accumulations: Before we talk about accumulations, it’s important to know that the temperatures on Sunday will reach well above freezing by the afternoon. That being said, some areas could see a trace amount of snowfall, which is less than 1 inch, for locations as far down as I-20. For those in Southern Arkansas, since the transition from rain-to-snow could happen sooner, snow rates have the possibility to be a bit higher, some up to 2 inches. Any accumulation that does happen will mostly reside on elevated objects and grassy areas.

A few other thoughts: Some areas south of I-20 have the chance to see 1-2 flakes here or there but, no impacts are expected. Most, if not all, precipitation, whether it be snow or rain, should be out of the ArkLaMiss by Sunday morning. It’s never a bad idea to be cautious when traveling on elevated surfaces and bridges but, widespread travel impacts are not expected. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if some parts of our area receive a Winter Weather Advisory, especially for South Arkansas.

As for next week, pretty dry for the most part as sunshine returns. Temperatures on Monday reaching the mid 50s then falling to the low 30s that evening. A bit warmer on Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures staying in the mid to upper 60s for the high and not dropping much on Wednesday, only into the low 50s. A chance of rain returns on Wednesday but, it’s a very slight chance at only 10% thanks to a possible cold front. Temperatures then falling for the rest of the week, residing in mostly the 40s, with another chance of rain as moisture re-enters our area on Friday.