West Monroe, LA – (04/20/22)

After several weeks of a rather volatile weather pattern, a somewhat steadfast pattern is setting up for the end of this week and through the weekend.

The struggles for most, in typical spring fashion, has been the fluctuation of soil temperatures. High temperatures through the next 3-4 days should see the lower 80s and middle 80s, maybe upper 80s for the late weekend. Average temperatures will remain significantly warmer with gulf moisture remaining. Lows will sit in the lower and middle 60s for the next several evenings.

This overall setup should allow for a favorable planting trend for many crops. The warming trend should allow for favorable soil temperatures for many crops. After a few warm days, somewhat moderate rain chances sit for late Sunday and into Monday. As of now, the cold front situated for Monday does not look overly impactful.

As we trek into early next week, temperatures will be somewhat cooler, but high temperatures should still sit near average. Averages sit in the mid and upper 70s for many across the area.