WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Although it is Friday the 13th, this forecast is anything but spooky. Things are shaping up to make for a beautiful day here in the ArkLaMiss with plenty of sunshine to spare.

Today’s daytime highs will strive to reach into the mid and lower 50s, but with the added light breeze we have the potential to feel a bit cooler than that. The wind has calmed down a bit since yesterday and last night, but we could still see sustained wind speeds of 5-10 mph. The lack of cloud cover could tell you better than I could, the chance for rain is zero.

Overnight tonight, low temperatures could fall as low as the mid to upper 20s, so well below freezing. Winds will calm down even further to just a light northerly breeze. Clouds may fill in slightly but that doesn’t mean we will see rain. The next best chance for rain will occur on Monday of the new work/school week.