WEST MONROE, LA. – (8/01/19)

Today is Summer Weather 101, we are talking about the Ultraviolet Index (also known as the UV Index). All the UV Index is, is a standard measurement of the strength of sunburn-producing ultraviolet radiation at a particular place and time. The UV Index can be determined by a number of factors, including the amount of cloud cover over your area or even the time of the year. Summer will tend to have a higher UV Index than the winter time.

The UV Index is given a number each day. The higher the number, the more caution you need to take when outdoors. This includes wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, wearing protective clothing (hats, sunglasses, long sleeves for yard work), and limiting your time outdoors. The highest UV Index is 11 or it could even be greater.

Getting a sunburn is no fun. It stings, it’s painful, and it can be very uncomfortable. If you are not careful, especially on a day with a high UV Index, you can burn your skin. Some remedies for treating sunburn include:

Applying aloe vera. You can either find it in a gel or lotion.

Drink plenty of water. A sunburn is just another way of saying your skin is dehydrated.

Take cool showers: this will help speed up the process of healing. Hot water will irritate the skin and will cause discomfort.

Take Ibuprofen: Sunburns tend to swell up on the first couple of days. Taking Ibuprofen will help reduce the swelling and, of course, reduce the pain that comes with it.