Summer Weather 101 – Fog


WEST MONROE, LA. – (8/15/19)

Today in summer weather 101, we are discussing how fog can form. During the summer, there are many days when we wake up to foggy conditions, which can create visibility issues for drivers.

There are many different kinds of fog, but the one we are going to talk about today is radiation fog. This occurs on a clear night/morning with light winds. The daytime heating that was collected at the surface during the day rises into the air.

At the surface, there is a thin layer of moisture underneath a layer of drier air. The rising air will pass quickly through the moist layer. Because the moist layer does not absorb much heat, the air near surface cools quicker, while the dry layer will begin to warm up.

As a result, moisture rises and water turns into vapor. When this happens, we get fog!

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