WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Shifting atmospheric parameters have been making this a tricky forecast heading into the next two days. Exact timing and precipitation accumulations could still shift in either direction over the next 12-24 hours. However, based on the models and numerical data on Tuesday morning, this is what I believe is most likely. There is currently a Winter Weather Advisory which includes Ouachita Parish.

Today, Rain and drizzle will continue throughout the morning hours alongside widespread cloud cover. Luckily, temperatures should be just warm enough in northern Louisiana to keep from sliding from the rain over to freezing rain. Areas in southern Arkansas like El Dorado and Camden have the potential to see early morning freezing rain or drizzle as overnight lows in that area hovered at or below freezing. Temperatures won’t warm up much during the daytime hours, topping out in the upper 30s. After morning moisture, a small break in rainfall during late morning will be followed up by a second round of showers and storms, this round being heavier than the first. Showers and storms continue through the afternoon. Thankfully we’re missing the largest chances for freezing rain and icing, which will aim more for Central Arkansas and areas north.

Tonight, the potential for freezing rain increases across the ArkLaMiss as overnight low temperatures will drop to the freezing point or below it. Central Arkansas will see both freezing rain and sleet during the late afternoon and evening, but our counties in southern Arkansas should stick to potential freezing rain. Overnight freezing rain accumulation in Southern Arkansas mostly likely should be between 0.25 to 0.50 inches, but a few areas, like Fordyce, may be outliers and accumulate around 0.75 inches. As for northern Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe, and Ruston; overnight lows have been bouncing back and forth on the models and statistical outputs all morning between slightly above, and right at freezing. We’ll keep an eye on this, but should overnight lows in this area drop below freezing, light ice accumulation and freezing rain is possible here too.

This Week, Thursday will continue the trend of cloudy and rain, however, this will be the day our weather starts trending in a direction we’ve all been wishing it goes. On Friday, the sun makes its first widespread appearance in a while thanks to rain ending, and partly cloudy skies. Warming will also begin into the weekend as we string together a few days of mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with no rain; and warming temperatures.

As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

Meteorologist – Trey Tonnessen