Four confirmed tornadoes from severe storms on April 13th


(4/19/2019) The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed four tornadoes hit northeast Louisiana during Saturday’s severe weather event.

The NWS posted four tornado reports in Madison and Tensas Parishes from severe storms that occurred on April 13th.

The following information is from the NWS in Jackson, MS following their local storm reports in the areas impacted.

1. Tensas Parish #1

Rated: EF-1

Path Length: 17.29 miles

Path Width: 1,230 yards

Max Winds: 110 mph

Summary: This tornado started in a crop field, damaging crops, uprooting and snapping trees in its path. It also rolled one mobile home and destroyed another and lofted an empty fertilizer tank and farm equipment tires a considerable distance. The tornado continued northeast through the field, strewing debris and snapping trees well off in the distance. The tornado then struck an older home along Highway 128, lifting the roof and strewing tin and debris around and in the trees. As it crossed the highway, the tornado became fairly wide and strengthened, uprooting and snapping an extensive number of trees, with many snapped halfway down. It then continued northeast before crossing Highway 4, Becks Bayou Road and Shackleford Road. In this area, numerous trees were uprooted and large limbs snapped. The tornado crossed Bell Road, Highway 575, Highway 888 before crossing Highway 898 and Highway 65. All along this path, numerous trees were uprooted, large limbs snapped and some minor roof damage occurred to a few homes in this area. Some outbuildings and mobile homes were damaged, with a few pushed off of their cinder blocks. The tornado crossed the highway, snapped large limbs, before lifting soon thereafter.

2. Tensas Parish #2

Rated: EF-1

Path Length: 4.99 miles

Path Width: 950 yards

Max Winds: 95 mph

Summary: The tornado touched down near Shackleford Road, crossing Highway 575, where some trees were uprooted and large limbs were snapped. It continued northeast across Cutoff Road and near the intersection of Turn Row and Highway 65. A large tree was uprooted and snapped, and a couple of power poles were snapped near the base along Highway 65. This occurred near the intersection with Highway 888. The tornado then crossed the highway and lifted soon thereafter.

3. Madison Parish #1

Rated: EF-1

Path Length: 0.97 miles

Path Width: 840 yards

Max Winds: 95 mph

Summary:This tornado touched down right along or just before the levee and State Route 603, where it uprooted quite a few trees and snapped some large limbs in the path. Some limbs fell on an outbuilding, but otherwise, no structural damage was observed. This weak tornado lifted soon thereafter crossing Highway 603.

4. Mound

Rated: EF-0

Path Length: 2.8 miles

Path Width: 50 yards

Max Winds: 70 mph

Summary: This weak tornado touched down near Interstate 20. Livestream video was observed from storm spotters of this weak tornado in a field. No notable structure or tree damage was observed during the storm survey.

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