Tonight, low temperatures will be warm, only falling to the mid and upper 60s. Clouds that began to fill in during the afternoon will continue to do so over the course of the evening and night. Those clouds will trap heat, energy, and moisture near the surface which is the cause for warmer temperatures, and mugginess. Chance for rain is rather slim, isolated at best. Winds are conditionally breezy out of the southeast, gusts up to 20 mph are possible.

Tomorrow the breezy conditions are likely to continue with slightly stronger gusts primarily out of the south-southeast. Skies are to be mostly cloudy to overcast but temperatures will still be rather warm for this time of year. Daytime highs are expected to reach into the mid and upper 80s by late afternoon. Rain will again be slim but, not completely zero. Isolated showers are possible as a cold front approaches our region.