West Monroe, LA – (11/03/22)

Lows tonight will stay mild and fall into the lower 60s. Clouds will stay light through most of the evening, clouds are expected to increase into tomorrow morning. Skies will stay overcast for most of the day, seeing some peaks of sun here or there.

A cold front will approach through the day on Friday, with rain set to enter western portions of the ArkLaMiss late Friday night. There is still some uncertainty with specific timing, but the 10/11p time frame looks to be the best estimate we have. The passing front will weaken as it progresses eastward through our area. The greatest threat for severe weather is further west, and gradually decrease as you move east. Rain looks to clear by 9/10am with potential to clear slightly sooner.

We have seen the threat for severe weather increase over the last 24 hours. The increased threat is accounting for the heightened damaging wind potential. Damaging winds are the main area of concern, but the tornado threat is still present.

Have a way of receiving severe weather alerts and keep safety tips in mind. If you find yourself within a tornado warning, move to the most interior portion of your home. Move away from any outside walls, windows, or doors. Finding an interior bathroom/closet is one of the safest places you can be.