WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE /KARD) — Today is the shortest day of the the year, the winter solstice!

Tonight’s overnight lows fall to a cool, lower end of the 40s, which are warmer than last nights lows. Fairly breezy and skies will stay overcast but the chance of rain remains near zero throughout the night.

Tomorrow is the day when temperatures take their jump off the diving board. The cold front that is expected to make its way through the area around 11am – noon will have precipitation associated with it. Most of it, if not all, will just be rain. If anyone sees anything frozen it’ll be the southeast counties of Arkansas. Bring a jacket or two with you tomorrow, daytime highs will reach the mid 50s but they will only be there for a short while. After the front passes it will not take long for temperatures to drop dramatically.