Tonight’s “lowest temperature”, which would normally occur just before sunrise, also happens to be the high temperature for tomorrow. Tonight’s lows really depend on your definition of tonight vs. tomorrow. If it is midnight, the low temperatures fall to the lower 50s. If it is the time until the sun comes up, then it is the upper 40s. High temperatures for tomorrow have the same issue, but going by the definition of midnight starts tomorrow, high temperatures are in the lower 50s. All that is to say, temperature forecasts for the next day or so are complicated. Your afternoon temperatures will more than likely be a good bit cooler than the temperatures that you woke up to.

Now onto rain, the topic that everyone wants to know about. Showers and a small thunderstorm or two will start to make their way into the region from the northwest later in the evening following the front. They will continue to trek southeastward, following the same path as the cold front, over the course of the night into tomorrow morning. Most of the rain and shower activity is set to occur in the morning hours of the day and then clearing in the afternoon. Clouds will follow out and we should have mostly clear conditions by Tuesday afternoon, which is good new for all of our trick-or-treaters.