Tonight, a warm front moves through the region which could cause scattered showers. The majority of the shower activity will be confined to southern Arkansas but, a line of heavier showers along the front moving through the area is possible as well. Overnight lows will be warmer than last night, only falling to the mid and lower 50s. Winds pick up out of the southeast, 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow a cold front moves through the ArkLaMiss, with it comes the potential for severe weather. The area has been placed under an Enhanced Risk (Level 3 of 5) and a Slight risk (Level 2 of 5) as seen below.

The main threats associated with the front include damaging wind gusts, hail, and yes, isolated tornadoes. The timing of the front is during daylight hours, starting from the northeast in the late morning – noon. The front then moves eastward, discrete supercells have the potential to develop ahead of the front, thus the expanded time frame. See broken down time frames in the image below:

It has been a while since we’ve had severe weather in our area, much less even a strong thunderstorm.

  • Make sure you are prepared and not scared.
  • Have more than one way to be alerted of watches and warnings.
  • Know where your safe space is located in your home or place of work.
  • If you have holiday travel plans, leave before or after the storms have passed. Arriving to your destination safely is more important than arriving on time.