West Monroe, LA (11/22/2021)

A cool start to our morning after a cold front passed yesterday evening bringing showers and even a stray thunderstorm or two for some much needed rainfall to our area.

For tonight, a completely different story. Temperatures in the mid to low 30’s, little to no cloud cover, and calm winds to make for a very quiet evening. As for tomorrow, a bit breezier with wind speeds in the 5-10 mph range. Temperatures not quite making it to the 70’s, staying around the mid 60’s. A combination of a clear sky and slight breeze to leave you a cool but pleasant day.

As we look towards the Thanksgiving holiday, a cold front is expected enter the Arklamiss in the morning bringing in some showers, there is very little chance for thunderstorms and severe weather. The rain should wrap up mid afternoon on Thursday, if you’re planning on cooking your holiday turkey outside, plan accordingly. Temperatures residing in the mid 60’s for the high then cooling off into the low 50’s for later that evening.

Looking at the rest of the week, Black Friday a bit cooler than Thursday, with temperatures struggling to reach the 60’s. Clouds moving out of the area as the day goes on to make way for a great day of holiday shopping. During the weekend, clear and cool, high temperatures in the low to mid 60’s and your lows bring the chance for frosty conditions in the mornings, low to mid 30’s.