West Monroe, LA – (01/03/22)

A much cooler start to this week compared to last as daytime highs reach the lower and middle 40s. Skies remain clear as a high pressure sits overhead.

Dewpoints are in the middle and upper teens as well as the lower 20s. With winds expected to be calm and skies to remain mostly clear, temperatures will cool into the mid 20s in most spots.

Skies will remain mostly clear through the day tomorrow as winds shift back out of the south. Remember, winds back out of the south with lead to an increase in moisture/dewpoints and temperature as well. Daytime highs tomorrow expected to be in the mid 50s.

More noticeable cloud cover returns overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday. Slim rain chances return to the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, at 10% and 20% respectively, with a weak disturbance from the gulf and a weak front approaching.

Temperatures will be doing quiet the dance as we work through the next 7 days. Warming and cooling through different points of the week without a steadfast trend.