WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Happy football Friday night! I hope you all remembered to bring your rain gear if you have any plans for this evening.

Tonight’s forecast involves rain potentially lingering into the evening hours, at a low 10% chance it’ll be hit or miss for most of us. Temperatures are expected to drop down into the mid 70s, with relatively dry air in southern Arkansas, they could possibly see the lower 70s.

Tomorrow, temperatures rebound back up to the upper 80s, make sure you all are staying hydrated. Rain chances are up to 30%, I would keep the umbrella on standby. The rain is going to occur mostly in the afternoon hours when daytime heating really starts to ramp up.

Looking forward to Labor Day and the rest of the week, rain is sticking around for the next seven days. Most of the rain will occur during the Labor Day weekend but can’t be ruled out as the week continues. Due to a mix of ample moisture from the sea breeze and daytime heating in the afternoon to evening hours, a spotty shower or storm is not out of the question. Temperatures for the week are staying in the mid to upper 80s during peak heating hours of the day. Only then to fall to the lower 70s that night, some areas of South Arkansas could even see the very upper 60s.