Concordia Parish could see blockage in radar data from Jackson, MS


(11/06/19) KDGX is one of the few radars across the country that provides weather images for the ArkLaMiss. While stationed in Brandon, Mississippi, our river parishes benefit most from it. Soon, some locations could see an interruption in radar images.

A radar is essentially a giant flashlight, sending out energy into the atmosphere so we can see what kind of precipitation is going on. Just like a flashlight if you stick something in front of that beam of energy, you’re going to get a shadow.

“The City of Brandon is building a water tower that’s close to the radar. It has the potential of blocking some radials from the radar from the wedge that we send out from the National Weather Service office” says Meteorologist-In-Charge William Parker with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi.

Water towers, buildings, even trees can cause this issue. In this case, the new water tower will block 3 to 4 radials of up to 3.4 degrees. This means a pie shaped shadow will develop to the southwest, meaning a good chunk of Concordia Parish will be without data.

The project is not 100 percent set in stone but the National Weather Service office in Jackson, Mississippi is going to continue to provide life saving information during severe weather.

“We’re going to still use every tool that we have to our disposal. We’ll use the radar at University of Louisiana at Monroe, that will be one of the tools we’ll use, we’ll use the tool at Fort Polk. You don’t want to have any limitations to any tool that you use, especially as it related to severe weather. But we’ve communicated to the city of Brandon about the block, they understand that the radar will be blocked by the water tower.” says Parker.

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