As we steadily approach the summer months, temperatures have been warming quite nicely (especially for crops). Warm and humid conditions look to remain through the 7 day forecast. Warm high temperatures, mild overnights, and some intermittent rainfall, creates a mostly favorable outlook for crops.

Crop Outlook & Progress


High temperatures sit in the mid and upper 80s and eventually reach the lower 90s through the next 7 days. Overnight temperatures will hover in the mid and upper 60s.

The favorable air temperatures will also keep soil temperatures warm and favorable for planting. Even some of the more fickle crops will see favorable planting/growing conditions.

Rain Chances

Rain chances remain intermittent and somewhat sparring at times, but some decent rain looks possible late this week. The best chances for rain look to sit with a passing cold front for late Thursday and early Friday. Rain fall is not guaranteed over the next 7 days, but the best chances are late this week.

There is a severe weather threat associated with this passing front. For the latest information on that: