Planting season is well underway across the region. Some much needed rainfall over the last several weeks. Rain totals over the last 30 days are well over average in most spots. Areas near Shreveport having seen nearly double the normal monthly rainfall. Rain looks to return as soon as early next week.

Crop Progress and Outlook

In typical spring fashion, we are in a bit of a volatile weather pattern. It takes some time during the spring months for the atmosphere to “make up its mind”.

We have trended cooler through the end of this week, accompanying the very windy conditions. Winds have not faired well for heading winter wheat and other crops impacted by high sustained winds. Average daily temperatures have also been less than favorable or unfavorable for many recently planted crops. Another avenue of consideration falls with soil temperatures. As of the writing of this article (04/08/22), soil temperatures are in the mid 50s. We are right at the “borderline” of favorable soil temperatures, but climbing temperatures into next week will help.

Temperatures warm all around as we move through the later half of the weekend and into the beginning of next week. We will remain dry through the weekend, maybe some late rain chances on Sunday. Rain chances do remain for the first of next week, but the organization and rain totals are still uncertain. Periods of heavy rainfall look possible for the beginning and middle of next week. This could turn the outlook for crops more unfavorable.

Here is the progress so far:

Corn Emerged: 40% | Rice Emerged: 33%

With the lack of a steadfast weather pattern, many disputing factors leaves the outlook for crop mainly conditional. Temperatures will rise back to the mid 70s and lower 80s for Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures in the lower 80s and lower temperatures in the lower 60s through the middle of next week.

While temperatures stay warm and in a favorable growth range, heavy/soaking rain remains possible for a couple days next week (Tue/Wed). Behind a front late next week temperatures take a step-back. Leading the way for temperatures to potentially hover near or below average.

The 6-10 day temperature outlook and the 8-10 day temperature outlook have probabilities that we will be below average. Remember, these maps indicate the probability of being above or below average, not how much we will be above or below average. Average this time of year is the mid to lower 70s for most in the Arklamiss.