West Monroe, LA – (03/23/22)

Temperatures will see a very nice warming trend through the next several day. Daytime highs and soil temperatures will trend upward and become more favorable through the week. Here is a breakdown for the crop trends this week.

Current Soil Temperature Range: 50-55 F

Corn – Favorable | Good germination and emergence are expected when the soil temperature at a 2 inch depth is 55 degrees by 9 a.m. for three consecutive days. With temperatures trending upwards and soil temperatures in the 50-55 F range, planting looks favorable. While the ground is fairly saturated after a good soaking rain, we will not see much for rain until the middle of next week.

Rice – Conditional | Temperatures are warming nicely, but the average daily temperatures needs to rise a bit more for favorable rice development. Seedling survival is rates increase when the average daily temperature is above 65 degrees. The average daily temperatures is the high temperatures and low temperatures added together and then divided by two.

Winter Wheat – Favorable | Winds will remain more mild than the last few day, which will bode well for wheat heading. Temperatures between and above 70-75 F degrees are favorable for wheat development. Temperatures will reach above average (~70 F) with the ample sunshine for the next few days.