West Monroe, LA – (01/24/22)

With the 2022 planting season just around the corner, lets take a look at some crop totals from this past season. All information and statistics provided by the United States Department of Agriculture National Agriculture Statistic Service along with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Corn: Corn yield and production was up from the previous season. 2021 had 565,000 acres harvested compared to just 485,000 from 2020, a 16% increase. The average yield for this season was up 2 bushels per acre from last year, now 183 bushels per acre. Total bushel production was up 18% from 2020, marking 103 million bushels.

Upland Cotton: Cotton yield and production was down from 2020. Harvested acres dropped to 105,000 from 165,000 last year, a drop of 36%. Yield average on the year was estimated at 960 pounds per harvested acre, down from last year by 26 pounds. Total production was estimated at 210,000 bales, a decrease of 38% from 2020.

Rice: Rice yield went up as production went down compared to 2020. There were 414,000 harvested acres this year, down from 473,000 last year, a reduction of 12%. Rice yield average was estimated at 6,870 pounds per acre, an increase of 50 pounds per acre from last year. Total production reached 28.4 million hundredweight, a decrease of 12% from 2020.

Soybeans: Soybean area harvested saw a 4% increase from 2020, up to 1.06 million acres. The estimated average yield was 52 bushels per acre, a decrease of 1 bushel from last year. Total production was up 2% from 2020. up to 55.1 million bushels.

Sugarcane: Yield and production are down from 2020. Sugarcane harvested area increased by 1%, from 2020, to 494,600 acres. Average yield decreased from last year by 3.3 net tons, down to 29.8 net tons acre. 2021 total production was 14.7 million net tons, down 9% from 2020.


Here is a look at crop production trends since 2001: