Many new projects underway to enhance Monroe’s economy


MONROE, La (7/8/19) – Monroe mayor, Jamie Mayo, will be asking city council members to approve a contract between the city and Lazenby and Associates. Council’s approval allows them to begin the clearing and digging phase of the Kansas Lane Extension clearing and grubbing project. 

The project will extend Kansas Lane in order to connect Highway 165 North to Forsythe. The extension is expected to alleviate traffic during peak travel times. 

“The anticipated duration of the actual clearing and grubbing is about a year, but what it’s going to do is it’s going allow us to do is kind of get some of that swampland clear so it can start drying up and be a better construction site. Then all the other utilities come in on top of that and do their relocations,” said Kim Golden. Golden is the City Engineer for Monroe. 

If the project is approved at Tuesday’s city council meeting, the clearing and digging phase could begin as soon as next month. The phase is expected to cost just over $2 million dollars.

It will be paid through State Capital Outlay dollars from the Department of Transportation and Development. 

There were several items on Mayo’s city briefing agenda, including resolutions for preliminary authorization to incur debt for two local districts. 

It’s all thanks to a legislative bill passed with the support of Senator Francis Thompson and Representative Katrina Jackson. The goal is to keep money flowing through the two districts in the city.

Senate Bill 33 will extend a district tax for I-20 and Tower Drive. 169 new businesses opened in these two districts in the past five years; the money is to ensure continued growth in these areas.

Tuesday, council members will decide whether to begin the process to get bonds to pay for millions in additional economic developments to improve infrastructure in those two districts. 

“There’s always more work to be done, new businesses to be open and projects in the district that need to be completed to allow that to happen and that will allow us that additional time and with some additional money to be able to do these things,” said Gretchen Ezernack, City Council Chairwoman. 

Senate Bill 33 will fund the economic development districts through 2033.

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