HOUSING: Affordable apartments could be coming to Franklin Parish


WINNSBORO, La. (08/08/19)– Two companies are looking at Winnsboro for potential apartment complexes. According to a public notice by the Franklin Sun, Quail Run is looking to construct a 40-unit complex located near the intersection of highway 865 and 8th street.

MGM Development is also looking at Winnsboro for a potential 50-unit complex for single families or senior citizen housing but has not contacted the city.

“I think it’s a great idea, I mean there are already a lot of houses around here that are run down, and people don’t really have anywhere nice to live, so I think it’ll be great,” Katrina Whitlock, a Winnsboro resident, said.

The apartment complex by Quail Run would target single-parent households making at or below 60 percent of the area’s median income. A local teacher says this would be beneficial for students in the area, including PSH eligible households.

“They would be more in town and have easier access to the high school,” Larhonda Whitlock said. “More students means more income for the high school, more income for the town, which means we’ll get better stuff. We need better stuff, so it’ll be great for our town.”

Along with more revenue for the town.

“Because the apartment complex- that’s money, and with people coming in they’re going to be working and shopping here, that’ll bring more money in as well,” Katrina said.

The average proposed rents will be $550/month for the three-bedroom units and $250/month for the two-bedroom units. Locals say the potential housing does raise one concern.

“Being that it is low-income housing, you always run the chance of having the wrong type of people moving in, but law enforcement here is pretty awesome, so I’m not worried,” Katrina said.

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