EDUCATION: High School students prepare for the future through summer Entrepreneur Academy


WEST MONROE, La. (07/15/19)– With wide eyes and hungry minds, students gave their full attention to members of the West Monroe Chamber of Commerce as they explained the basics of starting and running a business.

“They have an idea or they give me thoughts that I might want to change or expand,” Raquel Wilson, a student, said.

The Future Entrepreneur 2019 Summer Academy includes a career assessment and group projects that focus on marketing and branding tactics, along with the importance of maintaining business and personal finances.

“It’s our mission to foster these young students to let them know that they are creative, they have great ideas, and they may very well be successful one day,” Lila Strode, President of West Monroe Chamber of Commerce, said.

The groups presented their ideas to the class and spoke about their strategies including what target demographic and location they think would best fit their potential business.

“It really helped, because I got to get some more ideas out of my group members,” Wilson said. “They had some really good ideas and they really made me think like, ‘wow I should add this to my list of what I want to do.”

Chamber members say it’s important to expose the students to the business world at a young age to help them become successful in the future.

“It’s important to me, because this is part of what I do, I inspire those who have that dream of becoming an entrepreneur and let them know that we are here to help them on the way, because they are not alone,” Christina Davis, Senior Business Consultant, said.

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