Winnsboro expects to crack down on violence through new ordinance

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WINNSBORO, La. (08/07/19)– Officials are working on a new ordinance to help cut down on violence in the Winnsboro. This decision comes after the death of 20 year old, Waneshia Bush, a Grambling student who lost her life last month while attending a block party.

The ordinance would require party organizers to apply for a block party permit if they are expecting more than 50 guests. The permit would also require party organizers to provide security if the amount of guests exceeds 50 people.

“Have security at the gates searching, make sure no guns are allowed,” Leah Forten Berry, Owner of The Rusty Bucket, said.

Berry said there should also be time limits added to the permits.

“Anything after midnight, nothing good happens anyway,” Berry said.

Officials are also looking into tightening restrictions on juvenile curfews, loitering, and blocking streets with vehicles.

“The curfews would be fine if there was something for the children to do at that time of night, but there’s nothing at that time of night for them to do, but trouble,” Jaime Hale, a Winnsboro resident, said.

Hale says giving the children opportunities to get together at places other than homes could help prevent violence.

We don’t have a skating rink, we don’t have bowling alley, we don’t have basketball courts that are safe, you know, we don’t have anything here,” Hale said.

The new ordinance will be introduced at the Winnsboro town meeting on August 19th. Locals say in the meantime they will do what they can in their own homes to keep their kids safe.

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