Remembering Bobby Bowden, through the words of his son, Terry Bowden, ‘… hope that I can always continue to represent my faith and family the way he did …’

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Sunday, the world of American sports lost a giant. Legendary Florida State Head Football Coach, Bobby Bowden, passed away at the age of 91.

In July, ULM’s Terry Bowden first told us his father was battling pancreatic cancer.

Monday, Coach Terry was spotted leading the Warhawks into another week of practice.

According to ULM, Bowden will still speak at the Bowden/Berry Roadshow at Bayou Pointe, on the university’s campus.

“Everything that I’ve tried to emulate from a man on Earth’s point of view, I’ve had the fortune of to try to imitate my father, emulate the things he has done, ” says Terry Bowden, ULM Head Football Coach.

It’s been said, ‘Fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man.’ In Terry Bowden’s 65 years of life, he’s witnessed the leader, the motivator, and the man we didn’t get to see at home.

“The solid rock of our family, ” Bowden continues. “Gosh, I mean what a father, what a role model, what an example. He’s loved. He’s a family man. Strong Christian values. Not just on the field. But, off the field.”

The bond both share was evident, when the elder Bowden visited Monroe, for his son’s introductory press conference.

“Oh, this was exciting to me. [My wife] and I flew down … and, we’ve never been here. Never seen the university. It’s a beautiful university. It looks like a university that can compete with anybody out there, even with the big schools. I’m sure hoping Terry can get it done, ” Bobby Bowden said in his January 2021 visit to ULM.

Aside from the two national championships, and hundreds of victories, the only stat that matters, Bobby Bowden was undefeated as a father.

“I think the only time I kind of get choked up and sentimental is when I read Twitter, ” says Terry Bowden. “I read all of the coaches and all of the names of people who said they wanted to be just like him. I’m proud to be his son. I hope that I can always continue to represent my faith and family the way he did.”

“Well, you know I don’t have to give him much advice. Terry’s got a great opportunity here. I sure hope he can do it, ” said Bobby Bowden.

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