“It’s really big, because it hasn’t been done in awhile … “

Delhi’s Cam South inked a football scholarship with Graceland University in Iowa. He’s the first Bears player to sign in more than a decade. It just so happens, the same week, his mother Ebony Young was sworn in as the first female officer in Oak Grove’s history.

“We sat down and talked about it, ” says South. “I told her that’s really big. She could go continue with it and see how it goes. For that town it’s a big impact.”

“When I was a girl I wanted to do it, ” says Young. “It was a dream. When it was a little girl I wanted to do it. So I went to college and majored in some things, and went back to college.”

Speaking of impacts, Young was a reliable receiver for Delhi, helping them earn a spot in the playoffs, all while supporting his mom on her journey, just as this last football season started.

“She wanted to try something new, ” South explains. “Break out the box and everything else.”

While he was grinding on the football field, she was putting in hard work daily.

“Through the police and school, she was never at home. She was never taking breaks, just going hard, ” says South.

All of this led to Signing Day, where both of their hard work was on display, creating quite the Mother’s Day tale.

“It was really emotional, ” South says. “I try not to shed a tear, but I had to.”